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Checking Fan

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Anybody know what color the fan wires are? and where is the connector for it? After my scuba diving incident, i want to make sure my fan is still working, because i havent rode my 4wheeler in 2 weeks. Just want to make sure the fan motor isnt locked up before i ride this weekend.
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I did not even know mine had a fan until it came on one day!
you can turn it on by grounding it out. there is a wire i think it is green w/ yellow stripe it comes from the heat sensor to turn on the fan. It is wraped in black from the bottom of the motor to just below the seat on the right side. Look under the back fender on the right side and you will see the wire back up against the battery box. you can tie in to it or just ground it out with a test light and have your key in on position and it should come on.
If you can spin the fan by hand its not locked up, you e can check for pla in the bearings as well. Also make sure you get the water out of the drain, if it got in.
i pulled the vent hose off the fan and no water came out.. went riding and it came on.. so it still workie. no problem.
Thanks guys, again!
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