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Check these tires out!!!!!!

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What do you think??

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Look at the Interco Swamplite ATV Tire
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they are a good tire on trails but when you get in mud they seem to clog up fast.
A friend of mine has them, has about 100 miles on them and wants new tires already. They clog up bad for the kind of mud we have around here anyway.
I just got a set of 26's on my 450 foreman and really like them for the kind of riding I do. I do mostly trail riding, but like to get in the mud every now and then also. The 26 inch tires actually measure about 28 inches due to the lugs, which gives me alot more ground clearance. I have yet to get into any really thick mud, but for the mud I have been in, they have performed really well. I can see where they would clog up in thick mud, but when I've been in mud and kept the tires turning pretty fast, they have cleaned themselves out pretty good. This past weekend I rode about 150 miles in west virginia and was impressed at how good they handled the rocky terrain up there. They also handled good on the blacktop also. I never really got above 35 mph, but didn't really feel like they wandered much. The lugs are not made of a hard compound like the 589's, so I can see where they may not last very long if you ride alot on asphalt, but the soft rubber absorbs the rocks and trails very good. Overall, I would say that this is a good all-around tire. It's not going to be as good in the mud as the outlaws or zilla's, but will definately ride the trails better. I got mine from extreme outdoor products. You can get a set of 26 in. tires for around $260. For the price, I think they are one of the better all-around tires available.
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QUOTE ("PCE0705":3vcqovor)
The 26 inch tires actually measure about 28 inches due to the lugs, which gives me alot more ground clearance.
Really? So my 26 inch gators are really 28's?
if your 26" gators measure 28" I'm sueing
I am thinking about going with these tires. Have been up in the air for a while on type to replace the crappy ones I have now. My thing is why do 26 inch tires measure 28? That is just odd. I dont know with an ATV but on a truck tires are always a little undersized. I wonder if most 26 inch ATV tires are bigger than listed like these. How much do they effect performance? I ask because I ride with bigger quads and dont want to be slowed down much, I have been planning on a 26 but now am thinking 25.
mine do run under i have 27's that measure bertween 25 3/4 and 26 1/4 depending on pressure
I found a pretty good review on the swamplites. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I don't think that all tires run larger than their stated size, but when I got my swamplites they looked alot bigger than 26 inches. I measured the circumference at the middle of the tread and divided by 3.14. If I remember correctly, this should give the diameter of the tire. It measured 28 inches with about 10 psi. I'm sure that when I air it down to 4-5 psi the diameter will drop down, but will probably still be a little larger than 26 inches.
The circumference is the distance around a closed curve.

Let's just say your right...lets just say, my 26's messure 25.9 so says If you take the radius of that, 12.95, and if you divide that by 3.14 that ='s 4.12. Where do you get 28 out of that?
The circumference measured 88 inches around at the middle of the tire inflated to 10 lbs. 88/3.14 =28.025. When sitting beside a friends brute force with 28 in tires, my 26 inch tires were just as tall as his. He was surprised to see that these tires were actually 26's. I don't doubt that some tires run a little smaller than actually stated, but I know that my 26-12-12 swamplites on the rear of my 450 foreman are taller than 26 inches.
Before I put the perfex kit on, both front and back tires were rubbing on the fenders. Now with the perfex kit, it only rubs on the front when I bottom out.
I didn't reply to this thread to offend anyone with gators, mudbugs, mudlights, outlaws or any other tires. I'm in no way saying that these are the greatest tires out there. However for the price and the kind of riding I do, they are a pretty good all around tire. Just thought I would share my experience with those that were considering getting swamplites.
You did not offend, I just did not understand what you were saying. I have a friend that has a set of 25's (swamplites) and they are smaller than mine. Maybe theres a difference when you go up a size. But if it would be that big of a difference why would the makers say its a 26? If you have them mounted on stock wheels they are going to be taller because the wheels are not as wide as they should be. If you have them aired up they are going to be taller also. I'm going to mesaure mine tomorrow and see what mine are.
Do you have any pics of this?
I haven't taken any pics. I don't keep my bike at my apartment, so it will be next weekend before I'll get a chance to take any pics. I'll try to post them when I get them though.
Okay, got some pics of my foreman with 26in swamplites. Tires have 6lbs air in them and the yardstick is marked at 26 inches. The rear tires are measuring just above 27 inches at the highest point, the fronts are just under 27 inches. Originally I had 10lbs of air in them to help seat the beads, so they measured a little higher than shown in this pic. Sorry the pics aren't very good, I used a disposable camera over a year old and scanned the pics.
So how bad were they rubbing. I'm getting some 26' Swamplites and I have no lift or perfex kit, They are going on an 03 Ruby. What do ya think?

it also depends on the width of the tire and the size of your rim i have 27x12x12 in the rear on my stock foreman rim and 28's in the front and the back tires are the same height as the front
They shouldn't rub too bad. Mine rubbed a little at the black plastic near the footpegs. After about 5 to 10 miles, they had rubbed enough of the plastic away to clear, probably about 1/2 inch. It only wore down the outside lip of the fender (it didn't wear a hole through or anything like that). The front didn't rub much at all, only when really bottoming out. My friend has an 05 rubi, and judging by his, I think you should be alright.
Wow they look HUGE, to me anyway!
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