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Check out this one I saw at Cycle World

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I had to share this with yall He said it was 23" Wheels
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Nice pic man..Looks like the one i took with my camera phone. btw..the trailer hauling the atv had also 23"s on it also..
i think that is the ugliest thing i have ever seen
one word. WHY?
can you SAY "waste of money?"
QUOTE ("350hondaman":349zjmnp)
can you "waste of money?"
probley the word thats spouse to go there ahaha
sometimes i write things to fast
waste of that stuff called money.. lol.. people put rims on cars then trucks.. now atvs wats next the lazy chair.. lol i cant stand that big of rims.....
to them its not wastin bc they make one more deal and the get it all back...of you know what i mean
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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