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Check out the new Super Grip wheels.

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These new wheels and tires are awesome. Tire look like the Mudzilla's and are supposed to be out sometime this summer.

I am in love with these wheels. Does anyone know if they have come out yet and if so where can I get them?

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now them are some good lookin tires and rims rite there now
Sweet combo !!!!!!!!!!!
Oh by the way, if you notice the tires are called Mud B*tches.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO **** it I had just made up my mind on wheels and tires!!!! Now I want these!
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO **** it I had just made up my mind on wheels and tires!!!! Now I want these!
I know what you mean. I REALLY want that combo, but I dont know if I can wait much longer. My bike has 120 miles on it and I dont think I can wait much longer. The stockers have got to go. I might just settle with a set of Mudzilla's on ITP Type 7's....Thats the closest thing to them
I just want the rims
those are some sweet wheels
That might be my next set
I want them too.
I can't find any info about those wheels. Does anybody know where you can get them?
I called Super Grips and they just told me that there is no officiasl date for the release of the new wheels and tire.

That sucks
for some reason i was never really crazy about rims that that all them little groovs in them but dont get me wrong they do look good, just not for me.
My wheels only have their name engraved on the wheel "Maxxis 4x4" and I kinda hate it cause it's a pain in the butt to keep it clean.
i love the looks of the aftermarket wheels but i just cant bring myself to get reasoning is pay all that money for them and my luck i will take them out on the first ride and one of them will get marred up by a big rock or something and then you have a messed up looking wheel...i know it is a quad and poop is gonna happen but we pay alot for our machines and we ty to keep them looking good...just my 2 cents...
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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