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Cheapest place to get Xtreme disc brake conversion

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Just what the title says, i cant find a whole lot about these, maybe someone has them cheaper than they have them for 355 plus shipping, there has to be a better deal out there let me know. Any opinions on whether i should get them or not let me know.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts Call the number & ask for Matthew. If not mistaken,
he told me $280.00 for the Extreme Disk brake conversion. I plan on doin'
mine in a couple of weeks.
REALLY.... thats a great price, now only if they would bring out the rear brake conversion, we'd be ok, mine are about shot
They may have it. I didn't ask him. Give him a call and see.
I just emailed xtreme products and he told me it would be a month or two before they release the rear kit, they are trying to find a way to keep the parking brake the same way it is from the factory instead of make a new cable and all which would mak ethe kit cost go up, i quess i can wait a lil longer
I dont see teh extreme kit on there site, only the HL kit. Id rather have teh extreme kit
It's not on there. I called last week & asked if they had it. He said they do.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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