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cheapest place to get tires??

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looking for new tires cheap...
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Try . They have some preety good prices .
What kind are you looking for? I have 4 ea. 28x8x12 Mudzilla's. All 4 tires have 90-95% life left in them.
1-866-LEESONS. GREAT PRICE, FAST SHIPPING. prices fast shipping has free shipping well as least they did when I bought mine.
stock rims

i was looking for some nice mud tires to fit my stock rims... as cheap as possible....i was thinking some 589's b/c that is what most ppl here have.

how do the mudlites and others stack up againest the 589's?

i really want some outlaws but i will wait until i can get the exhaust jet filter kit thing done first.......

hey dirty, i have never seen mudzillas?? will they fit my stock rims?? do they work good in thick mud??
I just sold my 589s to get the mudzillas. So for i love them, they really gave my bike an aggresive look.
IMO the 589s are way better tire then the mudlite ever thought of. I really loved my them but i wanted something more aggresive. The 589s are a great all around tire and they will last for a long time. If your looking for a mud tire i would either go with the zillas or outlaws.

can you post a good pic of your bike with the zillas so i can see how aggressive they look??

that is what i am looking for, something aggressive but too big that it will brake an axle or anything like that...
Cra5h look on my site in my sig. There are pic's of my bike there with the zilla's. As of right now the tires are spoken for and if something changes I will let you know.
I found a good price on EBAY from a place callled Clays Ferry Cycles. I picked up 4 Mudlite XL's (27x10-12 and 27x12-12) for 299.00 shipped. I ordered on a Wed and recieved them on Fri.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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