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Cheapest Place for rims and Tires

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Can anyone tell me the cheapest place for rims and tires? I was looking at Precision Power Sports. I was going to get some 26" mud lites with c6 rims but everyone is telling me to go with bi or tri claws. What do you guys think? Thanks for any repays
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Check out Matt has some of the best prices I've seen on wheels and rims.
If you call Matt, you can get a better deal over the phone than if you were
to order over the internet.
Thanks guys I will try and give him a call
Can anyone tell me the cheapest place to get bi/tri claws with some rims??? Thanks
i think highlifter has about the best price for the claws, i had gotten mine from there.
Rob was the shipping included with your claws?
now it was aditional amount for the claws, I think close to 50bucks, if I remember right.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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