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Cheapest Place for Mudzilla tires...

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Hey im looking to get some 27" mudzillas and was wondering if anyone knew the cheapest place to get them...thanks.
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I have never bought any new tires, so I can't help you with the cheapest place. I have always picked mine up used. Most of time from Highlifter and almost half the price of new and in near new condition. Zilla's are one of the most expensive tires on the market. Someone here will be able to help you out with some vendors.
27" Maxxis Mudzilla Tire Set, 2 27x9x12 2 27x12x12 459.00

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
do they ship to canada??!! thats a awesome price for zillas
Check Ebay!!!
xopoco is a great website thats where me and bigdaddy both bought our gators from. excellent customer service too, fed-ex accidentally sent my tires to Georgia and I had a big ride on saturday (this was wednesday) if i hadn't of gotten them thursday they were gonna have them flown out to me at no charge. good people to work with.
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do they ship to canada??!! thats a awesome price for zillas
Email him hes a nice guy he will tell ya.
I got mine from a dealership over here for 415.00 otd. They had been sitting around for a little while and he wanted to move them. He said the over size mud tires are really hard to move during the winter so i guess i just got lucky. They are a heavy tire but I love mine way smoother than the 28 outlaws on the trail and the mud really good.
This place has a set of 27" 9and12 for 448.16 plus they are saying free shipping. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I got my claws from them turn around time was 3 days
check with if he don't have them he will get them. good guy to deal with in my experience.
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