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cheapest hmf vendor

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probably been asked many times but any insight on the best on line hmf exhaust dealer. i'm looking at the qs1 system. i don't want to pay through the nose if i don't have to.
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thanks for the link does that come with a Dyno Jet kit or just a few jets
I'm not sure. It states kit though. I haven't ordered one yet. I'm still saving. Hopefully within the next few weeks I can get it. I have an EPI clutch kit here on the shelf. I'm gonna try to get them installed all at the same time.
glad i'm not the only one with a clutch kit sittin in a box
you got any pics of your snorkel Flip?
its on the 2nd version that i've made and i havent taken any pics of it yet, havent even really got to try it out that much, i've got some pics of the older one if you wanna see them, the older one required no cutting but i had to cut the litttle panel in the front under the rack for the new one.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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