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cheapest hmf vendor

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probably been asked many times but any insight on the best on line hmf exhaust dealer. i'm looking at the qs1 system. i don't want to pay through the nose if i don't have to.
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I believe that has a good price on them. If I remember right people have said to call to get the best price.
Check out I got their performance kit for the foreman 500. It was an HMF utility exhaust, K&N filter, Outerwaers Pre-filter, and jet kit. Their jet kits just come with 3 oem jets, which is all you need. Price $299 plus shipping. I think you have to add $20 for the QS1 pipe, it tells you at the bottom of their page.
I'm wanting to get the atvoutfitters kit (gotta save a lil more), does it give a good increase?
QUOTE ("Flip 500":2730q4hn)
I'm wanting to get the atvoutfitters kit (gotta save a lil more), does it give a good increase?
thats what i wanted to hear
I have said it before and I will say it again.. A HMF QS1 Eco pipe cost me $210 to the door thru Leesons Motor sports...Pretty cheep......
did the jet kit and a air filter come with that cost? i know some are selling them as kits...what are the decibles for that pipe? i want to try to stay under 90...
call leesons motors in WV there price is alot better than anyones. I got my hmf utility, uni filter, and oem jet for 219 sjipped and 239 with queit core, no one can touch that price new.
Yes...The jet and air filter come with it....
Lessons MOtorsports

Does anyone have a number/website for LessonsMotorsports?
I just went to there eBay store. HMF for my 06 was only 227.00. I know where Iam going!!! Local shop quoted me 299.99 just for pipe?!?
Speaking of pipes I just got one this week check it out. Only paid $199 for it and its brand new.
where did you get it?
bein at the right place and the right time, went to local honda dealership and they had double ordered it. Got it at there cost bc they had to get ride of it.
How do you like your hmf rubicon_girl? Im been thinking aboout one for my rubi as well. Not for sure that if I want something that loud though. Did you get a quiet core with it? Do you have any audio clips that I could listen to of it?
i give 215 shipped come with jet and arrester
how about the ones that come colored i can only find them on HMF site
Humm i love the sound, i have a quiet core and believe me u need it
i stold my husbands he dont use his. I havent had a chance to use it yet because i havent got my preforemace kit in yet with the filter and jet kit.
But so far its looks to be a good thing
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