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cheapest dealership in the south?

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Wondering where to buy my kids a new wheeler. Honda 90. My boy is outgrown our suzuki 50 but to small for my daughters klx110. So time to get a bigger 4 wheeler for him. Wondering if that one everyone talks about is cheeper on a 90 like the foremans.
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southern honda is cheap as **** on everything
you might check GreatRiverHonda or GreatRapidsHonda...its up in Nachez, MS...think they have okay prices but not sure
Great River Honda in Natchez beats everybody around.
You may also want to check out Lake Hill Motors in Corinth, Mississipi which may be closer to you in LA.

They are the original MC/ATV Discounters

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Southern Powersports, Chattanooga TN has some great deals
Chattanooga TN, Great River honda and Brookhaven, Mississippi are the cheapest stealerships around.
Lake hill motors is where I got both of mine...and they have decent prices ! But corinth is right on the tennesse line of Ms!
Southern Honda has awesome deals and they are very easy folks to work with.
I see you are in Louisiana... you really can't beat the prices at Brookhaven Honda in Brookhaven Mississippi. <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Talk to Dee Dee or Jean.
I did my research and rode 3:30 drive to Natchez, MS to Great River Honda.

2007 foreman 500
28"outlaws on Douglas Spyders
hmf exhaust
dyno jet kit
2" hl lift kit
k&n air filter
custom beer holder
aluminum products stick stoppers and skid plate
Warn winch
Sunrise Honda in Searcy, AR

They have some pretty hard to beat deals. If you have a price in writing or advertised price -- They promise to beat it.

Brother and I bought our '05 Foreman TRX500TM for $3495.00 each last year through them.

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I bougt my bike from brookhaven honda, they were really cheap and had good prices on tire and wheel kits
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a&b cycles out of mobile, alabama
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Great River Honda 100%.
Brookhaven Honda is pretty cheap. I bought my 2015 Honda rubicon PS DCT for around $8400. This was a left over model. I bought it in the early part of 2016. Looking at the 2018 Honda rubicon PS DCT for On Sale $7,197. MSRP $9,299. That’s not too far from me and worth the drive if I had waited. Yeah buddy I felt I’ve been raped.
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