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Changing Throttle

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I have tore my rotator cuff and some other thing I can't pernounce in my right shoulder. So I get to have fun surgery (ugg) hurtz to do the thumbs down.

Anyhow I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to modify the throttle to a foot or something I can hold in my right hand. Just looking for ideas now I am having surgery on the the 11th and I am suppost to go trail riding on may 20th.

Thanks for any help
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Hope everything comes out well, good luck. They have a few company's that offer twist throttle kits for utility bikes. I dont see why you couldn't mount it on the left side. but it might get alittle tricky shifting and using the throttle with the ES model.
I dont know if this helps... But I know that alot of riders that go with us have the wrist throttle. I have dislocated my shoulder several times and know what you are going thru. I hope you feel better. The wrist throttle may help some, but I agree.. A foot throttle may be the " Cats Meow ".. Let me know f you figure out a way.. I may join ya in the REALLY LAZY way of driving a bike. Ha Ha Ha .. Good Luck..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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