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Changing from 2wd to 4 wd

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I can't find this in the owner's manual of my 06 Foreman ES, can you (or should you) shift from 2 wd to 4 wd while moving or do you need to stop to avoid damage? If you can do it while moving, how fast can you be moving when you go to 4 wd? Thanks
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i dont know how fast you have to be going i switch mine when i need to
you can switch it while moving. i think you have to be going less than 5mph for it to in gauge.
Just make sure your front wheels are straight ahead and be sure you're not spinning the tires.
you can at about any speed. i know the rpm's have to be low, so spinning tires and it engaging isn't much of a possibility. if it doesn't engage immediately you can leave it in 4x4 and it will engage when the conditions are right.
yeah you can switch anytime you want but i believe it won't engage untill 6 mph
I switch mine whenever I want to. I know on mine it will engage/disengage at any speed as long as all of the wheels are going the same speed. The fastest I've done it is probably about 40mph but i have to let off for a second before it will engage/disengage.
Thanks for the replies. It's good to know I can go into 4wd while moving.
You have to let up on the gas to switch it unless you reach over with your left had and do it!!!!
You can shift in/out of 4wd anytime you like but the ECM won't actually shift unless there is less than 10 KPH speed difference between the front & rear axles ..
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