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Changing angle sensor

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I am getting ready to replace the angle sensor on my 2007 Foreman ES and hopefully that will fix my problem.

I am still unclear on a couple things. Do I need to "preload" the sensor. I see a couple post about doing so on the Rubicon but nothing on the Foreman. Also after I install a new angle sensor looks like I need to initialize the ECM but again I only see instructions on how to do that with a Rubicon is it the same for the the Foreman.

Would appreciate any help, hope to do it this weekend so I can get back to riding.
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No you don't pre-load the angle sensor on the TRX500FE Foreman .. And you don't initialize the ECM .. But if the bike was flashing an angle sensor code the codes should be erased ..
Thanks so much HondaMechanic that will make it quite easy, just put is on there, using some dielectric grease of course. It was flashing a code so I will erase that I have the procedure for that printed off.

Thanks again, hope thats the only problem because I really want to ride Sunday.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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