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Chainsaw mount

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how do you haul your chainsaws? I really dont want to pay alot for one of thoes chainsaw clamps. Do you all have any other ideas.
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I just bunjee cord the case to my front rack. Works well and cheap!
I just bunjee cord the case to my front rack. Works well and cheap!
I know most of the newer saws come with cases. But if you dont have one you can make a mount out of wood and ubolt it to your rack or maybe a piece of pvc pipe big enough to fit the bar and hose clamp it to the rear rack, then use bungee cords to hold it inplace..
I use a foam pad on the front rack and some heavy duty bungee cords. If the case is not available I sometimes just cover the chain with cardboard and duct tape as an added precaution.
I made a wooden box that the chainsaw fits into tightly.Then I use J-hooks and turnbuckles to hold the box to the rack.Only takes a few seconds to install or remove the box.There's also room inside the box for chain,clevis's etc. I use two of those tool holder things to hold an axe to the outside of the box.
well I bought one. works good.
that looks neat!
I thought about one of those but I didn't want my chainsaw exposed to the weather and going through mudholes I thought the chainsaw might get covered in mud.I don't like the way the bar hangs down.
the montana jacks set up mounts sideways insted of up and down only thing is that you gotta buy their recever set up to use it
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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