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Center of Gravity?

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From what it sounds like from users of this site, it seems that the new Foreman 500's want to flip over easily. Is this true?
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i dunno - it must be riding style
ive had mine for a year and 5000kms
no problem at all
lift kits probably contribute
although i did ride with one guy with a totally stock foreman
he was on the rear rack as much as he was on the tires.
climbed the same hills i did - but flipped it goin up?????
i cant see how it would be worse than any other bike.
and on off camber turns it has to be better than an IRS machine.
my 2 cents....
i got an 05 foreman i have not had any trouble with it flipping over and i got a lift kit and 28 outlaws on it. but i dont do much hill climbing. i think that it is the exp. of the rider that helps keep the tire side down. just a thought
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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