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Center Headlight On'Off Switch....Honda Accessory?

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Howdy all,
I didn't want to hi-jack the toggle switch thread, so I figgered I'd start a different one.

Last month when I bought my 08, the dealer told me that Honda offered an accessory switch to turn off the handlebar headlight but he didn't have a pic of the switch or the location.

Do any of you have this dealer mod and/or a nice looking OEM switch? I'm not really fond of a chrome toggle that isn't waterproof and will get all rusty in a year. No offense, I'm just looking for a OE style switch.

Pics would be GREAT!

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If you search the posts you will find lots of info on this mod and the whole OEM switch vs a simple toggle setup. A marine grade toggle with a rubber cover won't corrode and is a whole lot cheaper.

I bought one and guess what? Honda changed the Wiring on the 07 and later and the only thing that was usable was the SWITCH!

Go to an auto parts store, get a nice waterproof switch, drill a hole opposite of the key switch. You have to cut a square hole in the same location with the Honda "Kit". The Honda switch is a simple square push button waterproof switch with a rubber ciover or it.

Look for a small wiring cable coming from your headlight switch on the bars. It is the one with 2 wires in it, one is green and one I think gray. "Interupt" either wire with the switch and you are done.

BTW, I learned this after following Honda 10 page installation manual for the switch kit which included removing the WHOLE front of the Foreman, and I mean everything! After all that I found the wire needed right there in front of me on the handlebars....GRRRRRRR
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Here's a picture of the Honda kit installed:

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you can put a toggle switch anywheres...i have 2 switches right where that square one is, bottom one turns the pod light on and off when lights are on and top one turns my fan on and off whenever i want it to
QUOTE ("Eric":3udj89n1)
Here's a picture of the Honda kit installed:
Yep, that is same the $36 "switch" I paid for
Here's mine with a swith from Radio Shack, which I filled with dielectric grease. Works perfectly, no rust. 2$.
Follow Up!

Got er done!

Piece of cake, the hardest part was removing the body panels. I picked up the same switch as Mafman, split the power lead to the headlight, crimped and shrink-wrapped it into place.

Eric and 928,

I like the look of the Honda piece, but $36.00? THAT ain't gonna happen!

BigHorns going on tomorrow!

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