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Carolina Adventure World.

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Any of you folks been there, or gonna go for first public day, on April 1st ?
The place was written up in March 2007 Dirt Wheels Mag.
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I have riden there twice and it is a nice place to ride , the trails are a little tight for the big 4wd models and so far if it rains or snows they close down ! and it has discuraged a lot of us local riders . if they get that squared away it will be nice , considering I live about 30 from the place . now that being said it aint no hatfield / mccoy
hey porkchop did they let you ride aggressive tires, I was told my 589 were not allowed.
I went Sunday to CAW. There was a guy there checking tires AFTER you signed the waiver, paid, and parked. My Mud lite xl passed but i had a buddy that was there with brand new mud lites and they told his group of about 12 that they could not ride (they all had agressive tires). When they went to get their money back and caw figured out how much money they would lose by not letting them ride, they let them ride. They guy checking tires was simply doing random checks and there was no way he could have checked everyone there.
Thats not good, I would go off big time if I went all the way down there and was told I couldnt ride because my tires are to big. I guess I will never make the short trip until the rule changes.
As long as the lugs on your tires are 1 inch or less you will be fine. One of the guys that was with me had 589's he was ok to ride. I went one time before and was never checked and never saw anyone checking tires.
haha, I was with Greg and I ran from the tire man. I think my tires might be a little to aggresive for there standards.
pics from sundays ride
pics from sundays ride
more pics
are those pics at CAW, i see coolers are they allowed.
Post more pics, I want to see what this place is like!! LOL
would like more info as well. Are 2wd atvs capable here? I have only used my foreman to hunt off of and would love to find a place to ride with a group of people.
sorry no more pics. yes 2wd can go anywhere in the parks, there are alot of mud holes but there is always a way around. the place is well worth the 25 dollar fee. the trails are tight, very hilly, the mud is a black brown mud, its kinda sandy, there is a big creek that runs in the middle of the property, and a few huge mudholes, but if possible dont run huge mud tires b.c it will tire you out on the tight twisting trails. but we did have a ton of fun.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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