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Carburetor spring

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Nobody is replying so i'm gonna try it anyway.
I cut the spring on my buddies Rubicon. It may have helped a little bit. It
definately didn't hurt.
tried this on my 06 Rubi last night and saw no difference at all. I cut off 13 coils.
i have to buy new spring and ill try it, if doesnt work i put the original spring in to the original place.
I sniped mine and noticed better throttle response from bottom to mid.
Is this the big spring underneath the cap on the top of the carb? I am gonna try this on myy 2002 rubicon.
QUOTE ("Hansencustoms":3rwmieuv)
Is this the big spring underneath the cap on the top of the carb? I am gonna try this on myy 2002 rubicon.
Yes it is!!
i have a guy i know asking if this works on the rubi's....he says his has a slight hesitation when he gives it gas and wants to know if this will take care of it on his....his is a 2005
Hello everyone,

New member here, I am the one that wvforeman was talking about.

Been hearing good things about the carb spring mod,
but never really saw that someone did it to an 05 Rubicon.

Was wanting to get some feedback before I tried it.

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heard about it on the H/L fourm ....those guys were talking about taking off 7 what I did order another one and then you can experiment...It cost me 7 bucks. I am gonna try it after I put on my new pipe next week
Carb Spring

Hey I cut mine the other day and didn't noice any difference at all? Wouldthis have anything to do with riding at 5000ft ASL? Anyway that's my two cents worth.
I have a Foreman 500 and upon all the hype, I cut my spring. I have riddin my Foreman now quite a bit and cannot see any improvement or change since cutting my spring. Cut the 13 rounds from spring or just about half and no noticable difference in throttle control or any other change. Can't say it hurt anything, but wish now I would have just left alone, but coudn't stand it with all the comments on big changes others noticed or wanted it to change anyway. Oh well, no harm I hope. btw, I live just a few feet above sea level.
Carb spring problem

I wrote about this in the Foreman450 thread, you might want to read it.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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