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Is it possible when they jetted the carb they drill out the main jet? No doubt i'd also have to replace it aswell.. I've installed the new needle and seat.Needle has been drop all the way and i still get a miss, this i think is a result of gettin to much fuel.
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Have you try raising the needle up. down will lessing the fuel flow.
I've done it all works the best when i put the needle all the way down,terrible when needle is all the way up,i think the jet itself has been drilled or replaced with an oversize, seems like it allowing to much fuel.
What size jet are you running now, factory or aftermarket?
It has to be the stock jet, its numbered 125.But when i bought the machine they told me it had been jetted,the needle i replace was also stock. It does have the K&N filter, so i don't know what they have done to it.. i would say the stock jet has been drilled.
both of my 98 foreman 400's had a #130 stock jet in them.
I ordered a new one today. It depends on where you live,what jet you have to run due to altitude. And i just noticed for some reason they have a high altitude jet in it !Where as i live about 8' above sea level.
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