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carb vent lines??

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i read on here the other day about rerouting carb vent lines and now i cant find it..the post had someone asking about moving vent lines into airbox..someone replied to take the two lines and tee them together and run them up under the light pod..i looked at mine today and the two vent lines were already tee'd togethere and run back up underneath the seat..should i extend them further up or will they be fine had to be a stock thing cause i have never done it....
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i found the post it was under foreman 500 threads....
You need to run the carb vent lines up under you headlight pod so no water gets in..also, plug the bottom vent line so no water gets sucked are some pics to help...
plug it even though there is a check valve in the line??
I have a check valve and I did....Just in case
oh ok...thanks for the info..
QUOTE ("wvforeman":3stid0ch)
plug it even though there is a check valve in the line??
yes when you are in the deep water plug the line even with a check valve, the valve will get dirt and mud in it and start bypassing the nasty stuff. when towing your unit on the trailer on in the back of truck unplug it, and turn the fuel off.
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