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Carb Vent lines???

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not having any problems but i just figured i might go ahead and do my vent lines on the carb...can anyone tell me what size vent lines? How many vent lines are there?? and where should i rund them????
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You might want to do a search for this topic. I think it has been talked about several times and you can probably find some good information. Just worth a try...
just cut a piece off and take it to the parts store, what i did and 2 on the top and drain tube on bottum hooked to the bowl.
run the 2 on top up to headlight pod 1 on bottum plug off.keep an eye on air box may fill up with fuel i take my air box plug off when transporting, that way it runs right out and i dont have to change my oil.may not happen to you though.
Hey guys...I have a Foreman 500 ( Wife ) and a Rincon 650 ( Mine )...and both of them are snorkled...If you do not pull the air box plug..or shut off the fuel..the air box will fill with gas. This happens because the wind blowing by the snorkle while traveling causes a vaccume. This vaccume will pull gas out of the carb into your air box.... If you travel for a short period of time, this will fill the air box with gas and reach your air filter. Trust me...when your bike wont start and you open your air box and your air filter is melted ( this is what happens when you put foam in gas ) you will be looking for a parts store before you can ride again. Just a little help ...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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