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Carb spring

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Those of you that have cut the spring on an 05 or 06 Rubi, could you tell me how many coils you cut off and what kind of differance it made.
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I was wondering the same thing except on an 04 Rincon
on my 450 i cut off 10 i know some people do up to 13 but thats the max i would go
just saves money verus buying one from dynojet. allowws for quicker throttle response
yep the spring being shorter acts like asofter spring letting the slide come up faster increasing throtel responce
I was wondering the same thing except on an 04 Rincon
hey roofer I've heard this works great on the Rincon. I'm pretty sure by reading in other forums that you need to cut 10 or 11 coils off.
roofer sent you a pm
Well after waiting on as many responses as I could'nt wait any longer so I went ahead and cut it. I cut 10 coils off and it made a he!! of a differance. I appretiate the info.
Do you count the three at the top as 1 or 3. I was going to cut 13 but wanted to make sure how to count them first.
I cut the spring approx in half on both my rancher and rubicon and can not say it really made a difference at all. It did not hurt anything either.
I have done it on my 07 fine...I cut 13

Here is what I found on another site

More thorttle response!!!

1. Remove your seat. (if you need help with this you shouldn't be performing this mod)
2. Remove the top of the carb. (4 phillips screws)
3. Remove the giant spring.
4. Clip off 10-13 coils (including the 3 bunched at the bottom)
5. Reinstall the long spring with the cut end up. Take care to verify the spring seats correctly in the rubber diaphragm and on the top cover.(the cut end down with rip the diaphragm)
6. Reinstall top cover. (tighten the screws and ensure everything seats properly.
7. Reinstall you seat.
8. Start and ride. I noticed a huge difference in my bottom end when i did mine.
Keep in mind this does not increase horsepower just throttle response!!!

#13 is what you want to clip. Good news is that the spring is only 4 bucks if you don't like it

Did increase some response on mine....
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Will this work with an 04 Rubicon.?

And also, i thought Dynojet claims that they will increase horsepower with their jet kits, not just throttle response.
how many coils on stock spring? my dyno jet spring has 12 coils on it. i havent cut anything
Don't cut your Dynojet spring.
The Dynojet spring has a different compression rate than the stock spring and doesn't need to be cut.
cool thanks for the info gonna half to try this.
mornin folks. cut mine last night and adjusted valves. i will say it did improve throttle response. i still cant get it to do a wheelie
Hi just cut my spring a couple days ago and when riding it did make a difference in throd response but seems like it burned more gas or i was having to much fun one of the 2
Sounds like you were having to much really is that possible?
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