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carb spring

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hey i was looking on the rincon forums and i saw that people have been clipping their carb spring in half for beter performance...can we do that with our FORMAN 500's? anyone have any idea...cuz it would be a good mod..from wut i hear...thanks
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Its on the 500, you dont have a 500.
Thanks for that tip & for fartin' on me
lol i'm gonna leave my dynojet needle and jet in it and take and cut my stock spring in half and see if it makes a difference if not i'm gonna put y dj spring back in
Anyone go through with this? I was anxious to hear how this mod. works on the 500. My brother-in-law just smoked me on his 05 Rubi and I'm gettin' pissed! (Ha!)
I did it & i could tell it gave it a little more throttle response. It definately
won't hurt nothin'.
Anyone got any pictures of this being done before and after they cut the spring? Pictures would be great, and or the proper name of this spring so I can look it up in my manual tonight.
Someone may have already have pointed this out, but my dynojet kit came with a spring that was just like this mod you guys are taking about. It was about 5 rings shorter than the stock spring. I would have just cut my stock spring and got a bigger jet if I would have known this.
i did it on my 500 and can keep it up through third gear aint tried for more than that i like it seems quicker than the dj spring i cut the 13 coils of the stocker
I'm going for it...just hope I don't get a brain fart and cut the wrong spring. Thanks for the replies. Does this mod. just provide quicker throttle response or over all gaines?
Just throttle response.
i wonder if it would work on the spring in my rancher.....i wondered this after i read the post on the rinny myself.
I bet it will work. It most likely won't hurt anything to try. If it does, the
springs are very cheap to replace.
I agree with a photo tutorial. Would help out the rookies.
I'm cutting mine tonight, i'll let you all know how she does.
I'm anxious to find out...I've been too much of a wus so far. Can you take some pictures while you're at it?
Yeah, i have a digital camera so I'll take some of the spring before and after.
OK, here some pics I took doing the carb spring mod. I haven't tried it out yet as i got this done late yesterday evening. I'll test her out today and see if there's a difference.
I am not sure what the spring is against on either end but If the spring is smooth at both ends maybe the end you cut should have a loop put into it so a sharp edge is against the part in the carb

Just my thought
All 3 of the springs look exactly the same, does not look like any of them have been cut, or am I just missing something?
correct me if I am wrong but the top spring is after it is cut the second picture is of the entire spring but it has been cut in half
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