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carb spring

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hey i was looking on the rincon forums and i saw that people have been clipping their carb spring in half for beter performance...can we do that with our FORMAN 500's? anyone have any idea...cuz it would be a good mod..from wut i hear...thanks
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Anyone got any pictures of this being done before and after they cut the spring? Pictures would be great, and or the proper name of this spring so I can look it up in my manual tonight.
All 3 of the springs look exactly the same, does not look like any of them have been cut, or am I just missing something?
Ok, what you are saying is that the whole spring has the thick coils at both ends and the 2nd picture is the spring cut in have and then the 2 halfs are laying next to each other correct? And then you just use one of the 2 halfs of the spring right? Then put it back together.
Hey Akatv, have you had a chance to try your atv out since you cut the spring? How did it run, can you tell any difference? Let us know how it worked out.
1 - 4 of 139 Posts
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