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carb spring

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hey i was looking on the rincon forums and i saw that people have been clipping their carb spring in half for beter performance...can we do that with our FORMAN 500's? anyone have any idea...cuz it would be a good mod..from wut i hear...thanks
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QUOTE ("easttexas500":2730o80n)
the dealership by where i live told a guy to cut thirteen coils out of his and it would give it more trottle response,by thirteen coils you count the top four then nine more that is where you cut it at. this is like a homemade jet kit
I'm confused, you say cut 13 coils off the spring but then you say count down to 13 then cut. Which one is it? It seems that cutting at the 13th coil would be better than cutting 13 off. Would this work on a '04 Foreman and how good is the throttle return when you let up on it?
If it makes that much of a difference I may have to try it and see, i could always buy a new spring if i don't like it. Thanks for the tip guys!
I'm cutting mine tonight, i'll let you all know how she does.
Yeah, i have a digital camera so I'll take some of the spring before and after.
OK, here some pics I took doing the carb spring mod. I haven't tried it out yet as i got this done late yesterday evening. I'll test her out today and see if there's a difference.
Correct, the top spring is the one I installed and the 2 springs together are the end result after cutting it in half. The spring should have 13 coils after cutting, including the one's that are bunched together at the top.
No, i haven't tried it out yet, it's been to cold here lately but I may try it tonight since my driveway needs plowing. I'll let you know how it works out.
OK, i used the Foreman to plow my driveway last night and i wasn't sure if there was a difference. Maybe the weight of the plow wouldn't allow it to take off like i was expecting. When it warms up i'll take the plow off and give it another try, hopefully that will be soon cause it's friggin freezin up here!!
Well i got to take the Foreman for a spin without the plow yesterday, it appears to me that the carb spring mod works. It was pretty cold yesterday so i didn't get to really test it out like i wanted so the test continues.
Nahhhh, it will warm up in a couple more months and hopefully some of this new fallen snow will melt right along with it. Got over 12 inches Saturday night/Sunday morning, man what a chore plowing my driveway!
I was plowing my driveway on Sunday morning and went to lean over the front of my Foreman, hit the throttle with my body going in reverse and alomst went into the woods in about 2 feet of snow but I've done that before, just gotta be more careful. Railroader, it was -4 out at my place this morning, their saying it won't start getting warm for at least another 4-5 days. Even i'm starting to get cold!
I'll let you know when I can get some real time on my machine, dang cold makes everything stiff.........well almost everything!
wvforeman, no need to rejet, just cut and ride!
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