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carb spring

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hey i was looking on the rincon forums and i saw that people have been clipping their carb spring in half for beter performance...can we do that with our FORMAN 500's? anyone have any idea...cuz it would be a good mod..from wut i hear...thanks
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Anyone go through with this? I was anxious to hear how this mod. works on the 500. My brother-in-law just smoked me on his 05 Rubi and I'm gettin' pissed! (Ha!)
I'm going for it...just hope I don't get a brain fart and cut the wrong spring. Thanks for the replies. Does this mod. just provide quicker throttle response or over all gaines?
I'm anxious to find out...I've been too much of a wus so far. Can you take some pictures while you're at it?
I've heard that cutting the carb spring will just make your throttle softer. The only "con" that I can think of is when your trail riding and it's a pretty bumpy ride. You know how easy it is to bump that throttle without paying too much attention. That would be my luck! Hit that throttle by mistake and either throwing myself or a passenger off the dern thing.
1 - 4 of 139 Posts
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