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carb spring

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hey i was looking on the rincon forums and i saw that people have been clipping their carb spring in half for beter performance...can we do that with our FORMAN 500's? anyone have any idea...cuz it would be a good mod..from wut i hear...thanks
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I think i will try that. I hope it works. So, cut it directly in half & put it
back in? What type of gains does this do exactly? I have had a heck
of a time finding the right size jet, & i just rejetted them last week with
the right one. I don't want to mess anything up. Should i do it? I am just
itchin' to.
Consider it done.
Let me know how it does Terry. I said i was gonna do it, but at the last
minute... i chicken out.
Alright then...i will do it. No more bein' chicken.
I'll do it Saturday when i go ridin'. No sense in doin' it now just to have
them sit in the garage for a couple of days.
What is the Resonator bottle? Where is it? I have probably looked at it
a 100 times & not known what it is.
Thanks for that tip & for fartin' on me
I did it & i could tell it gave it a little more throttle response. It definately
won't hurt nothin'.
Just throttle response.
I bet it will work. It most likely won't hurt anything to try. If it does, the
springs are very cheap to replace.
You may have to bring it further south to test it out .
Snow seems like it would be fun, but only for a day or three. After that, it
would get old. I complain if it gets below 60 degrees.
It worked for me.
Good to hear.
If you take your seat off you will see your carburator. Take the top off of the
carb. Should be 4 little screws. Be careful not to strip them out. Once the
top of the carb is off, you will see the coil spring. Take it out & cut about a
inch & a half off. Put it back together & you should be good to go. Some cut
about 2 inches off. You may want to start with 1.5 inches. You can always
cut more off if needed. Good luck.
I was the same way. Just do it & get it over with. You'll be glad you did it.
I don't think it really matters. I put the cut end up on mine.
Ain't it amazin'??? And the best thing about it is, it doesn't cost a dime.
1 - 18 of 139 Posts
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