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carb spring

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hey i was looking on the rincon forums and i saw that people have been clipping their carb spring in half for beter performance...can we do that with our FORMAN 500's? anyone have any idea...cuz it would be a good mod..from wut i hear...thanks
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yeah the 450 doesnt have that. what did you plug the hole with?
QUOTE ("John":21p1hene)
that is what I thought....also i was thinking maybe instead of buying a clutch kit could you just put different springs in the clutch? if so that would save us a lot of money.
Thats all you get with a clutch kit is some springs. Someones making some money on that deal.
it is not going to change your air fuel ratio
I dont know, I dont think I wanna try it.
I guess its time to try this out already
1 - 5 of 139 Posts
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