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Carb rebuild questions.

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97 Foreman. Just rebuilt the carb because it had been sitting for a long time with a lot of gunk inthe carb and petcock. Didn't want to idle or run smoothly after it warmed up.Rebuilt with stock jets with a Quadboss kit using the Clymer manual.

Is the Pilot screw setting 2 1/2 turns or 3?

What is a good starting point to set the idle adjusting screw to start? What would an appropriate way to check idle speed?

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factory setting are around 2.5-3 turns out on the air/fuel mixture and the needle e-clip in the middle grove. The idle just set it low enough that once you put it in gear it want lunge forward.
Thanks. The Clymer manual gives two different settings for the pilot screw

2 1/2 or 3 depending on the serial # of the carb, BUT, it says it's only for certain model years. I've got it at 3 now, but I think it's a little rich. I need to check the plug tomorrow to tell.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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