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Carb Question

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Just installed Hmf utility, K&N filter, and 170 jet kit for 07 Foreman. Runs good other than a pop here and there. Couldnt find a fuel/air screw. called the dealer and they said that they had to test the carb electronically and then tune only with jets, needles, etc. Where is the air/fuel screw and how many turns out?

Exhaust is very loud, but i love it>!!
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The mixture screw is on the bottom, you will notice a couple wires going to the bottom of the carb , right beside those wires is the mixture screw.
You need a "d" adjuster to adjust it. Comes with the jet kit or you could try tweezers. Start at 2 1/2 turns out. and adjust from thier

hope this helps!
thank you
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