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carb question

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what is the worse that could happen if the carb is running too lean or too rich??
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running it lean will make the bike run hotter thus wearing out the rings faster or maybe even seize the piston.

running it to rich will foul out your sparkplug, fuel mileage will suck and it will smell like a rolling gas tank from all the flumes in the exhaust. it can also wash out the cylinder if it is to much, thin out your oil causing excessive wear on the engine.
I had the carb apart to clean it. What is the procedure to put it back to where it was? I was also told thatg you could get the most from your carb by asjusting it to get the most vaccuum. HELP PLEASE.
the only needing adjustment is the pilot jet . the rest is fixed
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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