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Carb Question????

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My foreman is backfiring when I turn it off. Its not a loud backfire it sounds like a muffled backfire just as its turning off. Im also having problems with it idling to high after I ride for awhile. I am guessing that due to it idling high when I turn it off its causing a muffled backfire. I have turned the black screw on the carb but I cant tell a difference in idle when im turning it.
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Have you done any adjustments on the carb and is the bike stock? What I mean is do you have an aftermarket exhaust or snorkel.

If the idle adjustment didn't change the idle at all, its possible that it has mud behing the throttle cover on the carb. Mud and water can get in it causing problems with idle adjustments. Also if your bike is still stock, take a look at the carb needle it should be in the middle notch and the air/fuel mixture should be around 2.5 turns out. Also check your air filter and plug, if your filter is dirty it will make it run weird. How old is the spark plug, may need to be changed out.
My foreman is pretty much factory..I have upgraded the filter with a K&N but other than that thats it. I havent changed the plug in awhile I will change that to see if that makes a difference. I also do a lot of mud riding so the dirt in the carb may be problem too. How do I clean it if thats the case? Is the black screw that you turn on the carb the idle?
yes the black knob is the idle adjustment. on the right side of the carb there is a black cover, under it is the throttle cable. there is not much of a seal there, so mud and water can get in causing problems with the idle adjustment. but it has nothing to do with the bike backfiring. that is either dirt in the carb, sparkplug or dirty air filter.
thanks bro for all the help.

Other than all the other tips which were great ideas, it is probably backfiring b/c of the freer flowing filter if you haven't rejetted the carb to adjust for more air getting in the engine. It is prob a bit too lean.

I added the k&n too and it backfired like you describe until a rejetted the carb

I forget which jets I changed to when I added the k&n, it was years ago, but a dealer should be able to tell you.

Also I suggest a k&n prefilter cover, as the k&n will let too much dirt in if you ride in dusty conditions.

Great bike eh? Mine is yellow like yours.
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