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Carb question?

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I know its a yamaha but the carb works the same. I have just rebuild the top end in my wolvy, I bored it 20 over and put in a 88 grind web cam shaft. It already had a k&n air filter, dyno jet kit with the 155 main jet, and a supertrapp ids2. the question is that now the wolvy has NO low end and NO mid range just has all top end, and when i say no low end and no mid range i mean NONE had more stock with the big tires. i check the spark plug and it was bright white, do i need to put a bigger main jet or what? I need help bad
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Yes you definately need a bigger jet if the plug is bright white. White means you are lean, black rich. It sounds like you are running the same jet as before the rebuild, is this correct? A BBK will need more fuel. As for the size of the jet I have no clue as it is a Yamaha, I think I would try like a 160 - 165 main... but as I said I have no clue. SORRY
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