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carb question ???

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Hello everyone ,I have a 01 and a 04 foreman just got 2 eco hmfs both atvs are snorkled 1.5 abs pipe, any ideas on carb set up???I ride all over Ontario ,Canada.Thank you for any advise>
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I have an 04 with the eco pipe and a UNI airfilter with the triangle snorkit. I am running a DJ 130 main jet, clip on the last notch of the needle (closest to the point) with a washer under the clip, and 2.5 to 3 turns out on the A/F screw. This seems like the best setup for me, it should get you pretty close to where you want to be also, as we are at aboujt the same elevation.
Thanks for the info.
i'm running everything the same as foremanlover on a 02' except i'm using an oem 135 main jet on the same clip setting w/the washer as well.He's steering you in the right direction....that should put you real close to where you want to be......Hey foremanlover,i havent put much time on mine with this setup.All my mods where done at the same time about a month ago with a dgl,have you noticed any difference in fuel consumption??
Yes and no..... If I ride it like I just stole it then yes it uses a little more than stock, If I drive like grama moses than no it is about the same as stock. I ride with a buddy that has a stock 03 and that is how I based it. EX: On slow technical rides were about even on fuel use, If were out doing alot of mud, fast trails etc. where I can and do open her up, then I will use more gas (I will be on E and he has between 1/8 and E) Really just depends on how hard I ride it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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