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carb question

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hey wondering if anyone knows a way of makin piece number 22, the rubber bowl part shrink. i sprayed it with carb cleaner and now it stretch a little. heres a pic so u know of what im talkin bout. number 22. thanks
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Way 2 go. Your screwed!

Can't hardly even see #22. Is that the carb vacuum/slide ?
Thanks for the tip on what not to do! LOL I would just buy a new one but thats me.

P.S. Your avatar is just wrong! LOL
lol u can click on it euro.... and i would buy a new one but 85 bucks for stupid piece of plastic that i need by friday.
Curious if anyone would know if the freezer trick would work on this.

It works with most plastics and other material but not sure about this rubber.
i duunno. im thinkin it will weaken it. not sure though. come on euro up for a challenge. we can get this back together lol
We can make it work out no doubt in my mind. Just will take a little " " engineering.
lol ill bring the blowtorch lol.... someone stand by with 911 please
We have that problem all the time when cleaning carbs. .. As soon as they hit fresh air they start to grow .. All we do is spray good or soak in contact/brake cleaner and then let sit .. They will shrink back to normal
swweeet yer the man. i was waitin for u to read my post. thanks
Once again Honda Mechanic comes through. Id throw ya a beer if you werent so far away!
yea he is.... saved me 85bucks
ok i got the carb vacuum/slide put back in and carb is all clean back together correct..... but now i cant get the bike to start/keep started. all the vent lines are clean. nothing stuck in them. seems like carb is getting gas. any suggestions on whats wrong. o and not spark plug checked that also. open to suggestions thanks.
I would (since it needs it anyhow) get a new spark plug and try it. From you running like you were I would think that thing is fouled out and is now garbage. Its worth a shot.
yea..... but just wierd started up like a champ after blowin that line out and ran it down the street and it died. so i dunno. but ill pick up spark plug on the way home. but if that doesnt work im clueless on what the problem is.
lol better be or im stealin someones 4wheeler to go to mud fest.....
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