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Carb Problems

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Im posting this for a friend that does have the internet at home. He has a Honda Foreman 450 S and recently added a snorkit snorkel kit, OEM 135 Jet, and a K&N filter. He moved the C-Clip to the lowest setting on the needle and added a washer as the snorkit instructions told him to do. He also adjusted the fuel/air mixture screw 2.5 turns. We both have done this exact thing but I have a HMF muffler and he still has stock. When he runs his 4 wheeler now, fuel comes out of the overflow tube at a consistent rate....even continues after turns it off for a little bit. Any ideas what would be causing this?
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sounds like some dirt or something got into the needle and seat or the floats are sticking. Some honda techs will know more.
I agree..Sounds like there is something keeping it from not sealing. I would check thoes small washers you have to put back in that were stock back into the carb. Iknow that they kept falling out when i did several. Good luck.
i dont understand what you are saying. what washers and where?
The 2004 TRX450FM uses 1 washer under the needle jet..
The TRX650 Rincon uses 1 washer & 1 shim under the needle jet ..
That washer is there, as is the one from the snorkit from triangle atv.
He is flooding the bike out. the oem #135 is to much fuel for the stock exhaust on a foreman, he can run the stock jet (#130) and try moving the needle to the last notch and adjust the fuel mixture or go up one size on the main and adjust as needed.
it seems like something is wrong with his float. It doesnt have the same amount of play in it that mine does..His is extremely stiff. It looks like the previous owner of the bike scuffed the float pin up doing something and its keeping it from moving freely. Do you think this could be causing the overflow in gas?
yes if the float is stuck or stiff it will overflow out the bottom of the bowl. be careful when removing the the pin, if it is stuck in the carb you can break of one of the ears easily and that wouldnt be good
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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