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Carb Jetting

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This is new to me. I just installed my snorkel, my HMF exhaust should be in by Monday. What size jet should I go to and what is the best way to do it? The HMF exhaust comes with a jet kit. Is this good enought to use?
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When I did mine I use an oem 135 jet with the a/f out 2 1/2 and it runs perfect. I used 1.5 for my snorkel and I have the hmf as well.
check out this link it will tell you the best way to jet your carb, its alot of hassle but well worth it.

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went same route as eustismudder on jet and setting only I have an eco-series hmf and triangle snorkit.....Runs great with the oem 135 and 2 i/2 out.
Is the A/F screw the one on the right side of the carb that you turn by hand or is it another. The manual I have says it is a idle adjustment. Where is the A/F screw at?
Its on the bottom side of the carb,in front of the bowl neariest to the engine. It has a single slot head on it
OK, I put the 135 jet in. I turn the A/F screw all the way in, then I backed it out 2 1/2 turns. It seems to have a real strong exhaust smell, and spits and spudders when excelerating in 1st gear or reverse. Should I screw the A/F screw back in and turn it out 3 turns, or screw it back in and turn it out 2 turns? 2 1/2 does not seem to be the sweet spot.
you should turn the srew in to lean it out, it is to rich right now. go to the link below it will tell exactly how to jet your carb.

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