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Carb Issue or Clutch Issue???HELP PLZ

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i recently had my top end rebuilt...well the entire engine was pulled from the frame and they tore it all down and scraped out mud and sludge from the bottom of the motor then cleaned it all up and put it all back together and bored the cylinder for the final time and put new piston/rings on it and then he adjusted my valves and rejetted my bike, not sure if he when he rejetted it he went down or not, i think it was a 170 jet before i brought it to him, bike runs good other than it wants to take off at half throttle...i have just recently put a clutch kit in the bike and was wondering if it is a carb problem or if the clutch kit makes it do this but at about half throttle in every gear you can feel the bike catch or something and take off...not sure if the clutch kit makes it do that or if the carb is not jetted correctly, cuz isnt there a jet for like idle speed to 1/4 throttle then the needle covers from 1/4-1/2 throttle then the main jet goes from 1/2-full throttle or am i backwards on what jet or needle is for which throttle spot...anyways not sure if the needle just isnt set in the rite spot or if the main jet is too low or if its a clutch issue, when i installed the kit i did not adjust it at all
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I'm betting carb. problem....too rich.
Does it feel like it "takes off" if you let off the throttle just a little bit?
if i am pressing on the throttle slowly increasing it it is kinda weak feeling, but once it gets to half throttle it throws me back in the saddle and takes off if im not paying attention...and if i am at full throttle and i slowly release the throttle it will kinda nose dive for a second when it gets to half wasnt doing this before i brought it in to get engine rebuilt, so my guess is that he rejetted the bike for a stock bike...cuz when i brought it he was pissed that i didnt tell him it had a snorkel, so im guessing he jetted it for a stock bike and not for the snorkel
dirty4man plz chime in here if u have any knowledge, not sure if i need to tighten my clutch up or loosen it up some, cuz doesnt the clutch kit make ur bike spool up 500rpms more then engage, is that what would make the bike catch all of a sudden and take off?...I installed the clutch kit like i was suppose to do, are you suppose to adjust the clutch after you reinstall?
To me, it kind of sounds like a clutch problem the way it's taking off, but then again, carb problems will most defanatley cause that too. I would lean more towards the carb on this one. You say the clutch kit engages at 500rpms? I dont think it takes half throttle for our bikes to reach 500rpms. If so, you have a bigger issue with the way you set it up.

Just my 2 cents.
the clutch doesnt engage at 500rpm's, after you put the new springs in it is suppose to engage 500rpm's higher than what it previously was engaging at...when i think of it being a carb problem i think that the 1st jet and the needle arent set correctly...i dont recall it taking off like that before i put the clutch kit in it, so then it leans me to believe that its the clutch kit somehow...anyone else with a clutch kit installed ever have this kinda of problem? or know what is occuring or how to fix it
The only thing I can think of is maybe the clutch springs being pushed down to far in the holes and that they may be rubbing the bottom of the housing somewhere making the weights stick. once you get enough RPM's up it is breaking the weighs loose and slinging them out. This is just a thought.
alrite thanks dirty, next time i feel like tearing it all apart again then ill check that out, its alot of trouble to tear it competely apart just to pull on the springs to make sure they are bottoming out on the back just to have to put it completely back together just to find out that wasnt it, but i guess i'll never know till i tear it down and look at there any harm done if i dont happen to tear it down and check into it...i am going to ask my girlfriend if she recalls it doing this before i put the clutch kit in, the more i think about it the more i think that i was on the beach riding with her and i kept turning around and saying you feel that or did you notice that or hear that...i am going to ask her when i get home and ill get back with you, but on saturday i am going to take the carb apart and see if the needle is in the right place, when that guy rejetted my bike or im guessing he did cuz he said he was going to when he repaired my top end, my guess is that he rejetted down to much or something but that doesnt explain why it takes off in each gear at about the same throttle position
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dirty4man i got an update for you...i put the original 90 degree elbow back on the end of my snorkel and i ran it up and down the road and it doesnt cut out and pick up all of a sudden like it was, either the 180 was making the air flow going in messed up somehow or like you said the springs or weights in the clutch were catching and getting thrown out all of a sudden, and it either wore its way from catching on it or it was just a fluke...if it happens again ill let u know what its doing

thanks for the info though
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