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Carb issue i think

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rebuilt and bored engine out just 2 weeks ago...feels like i have no power until i get to half throttle in every gear...i know the guy rejetted and i think he rejetted down from what it already was before the engine rebuild and guess is that he doesnt have a big enough jet in the one that controls the first half of the throttle

any suggestions?
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I would check the needle, I believe that is what handles the low end.
the guy that rebuilt my motor i think didnt really wanna have to pull the carb out and get it jetted just rite, so he just jetted it back down to around stock my guess is and said thats it, runs good as crap but there is no power until u get to half throttle then it hits u...when u put a jet kit in where does the needle go from and where does it go to...i know one of the settings is the 3rd of 5 notches, what is the other setting though?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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