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Carb help

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I have an 06 Foreman, I have recently added an HMF pipe, Dynojet kit, Triangle Snorkle and have a K&N. Took it out this weekend for the maiden voyage. Man was I disappointed. It bucks and chokes at low range throttle (idel to 1/8), I have a 170 main jet and I am in the 3rd ring on the needle. Does this sound wright? I understand that this is most likely an issue with the pilot jet, I just can't seem to get it wright. Anyone have any suggestions.

Also, anyone have a good line on the pilot jet wrench that can be used outside the bike, I have no skin left on the top of my hand from trying to adjust the pilot jet with the little tool they provide with the Dynojet kit?
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Do you have your carb vent plugged by chance. I plugged mine instead of the drain and it ran like crap. >>>?????
I do have my carb drain plugged, I am sure it is the drain and not the vent, would this cause the problems I have described?
no, anyone who rides in the water on a foreman 500 should have theirs plugged.

you could have also got some dirt in the carb when u switched out the jets and now a jet could be blocked. just an idea, i dunno. are u sure u put the carb back together right?
what you have explained sounds correct to me, i think i jetted mine the same way, just followed the instructions.

if i were you i'd take the carb apart and clean it out and double check to make sure everything is clean, tight, and together correctly.

you didnt mess with ur a/f mixture screw did u?
i know whaen i plug my drain tube my foreman acts up a little in the first 1/4 throttle so i take mine out as soon as i am out of the water i dont even put a plug in until i know i'm going in water over my seat
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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