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carb drain hose and stuff

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does anybody have a pict of where it is. There is a hose on the very bottom of the carb, but it looks to be made of some type of heat shrink material and it is folded over and heated closed. I will try and get a pict of this up if I can.
I don't ride through that much water mainly because where I ride if the water gets much deeper than the floorboards I have to beat the snakes off with a stick.
Also any other picts of rerouting any other drain hose would be appreciated.

if not picts then maybe a written description would help out alot.
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no thats not the hose that is a sensor. THose will have a check valve on it.
It should be a small 1/4-3/16" hos off the bottom of the carb by the drain screw on the right hande side. If it still has the checkvalve on it, that is mounted to the end of the hose alongthe inside of the frame.
found it thanks alot
ya i just toke mine and side it on the srew that holds the cover on the swin arm
What you initially described is your carb heater I think.
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