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Can't get my carb set right

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I have been tickering with my carb for some time now and I can't get
it right,my plug stays black no matter where I set my needle,or my air
fuel mixture srew,I have changed jets starting with 150 until 170, can anyone help.
I have a 2006 Honda foreman S,moose jet kit,pro circuit exhaust,snorkled with 1 1/2 abs pipe,vented everything.
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try this site. a little lengthy but it worked well for me. if you had a dynojet i'd say to you need either a 165 or 170 jet and go from there. a little black is much better than white.
i think with where you are located you should run a 165 jet but since you have 1.5" pipe you may want to use the 160.....are you having any problems with it sputtering in the lower range of the throttle or is it cutting out at top many details with your situation will help
re-carb problems

it does back fire alot when idling down from high speed,no hesitation from the throttle
I'm not running a dyno jet kit but I run a 165 jet. I would suggest doing a 165 and setting the needle clip at the minimum and adjut it from there.
mine does the same thing, backfires,and is black! i have had it in for this and dieing "ALL" the time w/no fix.....I hate carbs
i am here in LA and i run a 170 hmf jet, with the a/f screw 2 1/2 turns out from bottom...if runs fine, mine was a little black so i screwed the screw back in just a hair and it cleared right up.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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