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cant find an ignition switch!!!

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when i flipped my four wheeler a couple a weeks ago, my key switch broke away from the contactor that is connected to the wires. i need a new switch from the plug in all the way to thekey switch itself anyone know where i can get one????
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go to ur local shop.. or i think has them. or just getcha a a toggle switch...

if ur a ******* u get a male and female wire ends and plug them together for a key on and pull them a part for key off.... true ******* theft device
look in the for sale forum. There are a couple of guy's parting out their bikes.
I have seen the complete switch assy on eBay reciently , comes complete with two new stock Honda keys.
was about $30. range.
I just rolled mine and it did the same thing! Picked mine up off ebay for $45.00. But the toggle switch sounds like a good idea too... can pimp it out and get a light up one! lol

2006 honda foreman 500 s
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k and n air filter
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