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What the **** is wrong with my bike? If you can figure this out you are the freaking man! It is a 98 Honda Foreman 450es. Here is the Problem I have and electronic shifter (The one with the arrows going up/down) and they don't work. The bike is stuck in reverse and neutral at the same time(red light and green light are on at the same time). I can play with the reverse and nothing happens. I have tried rocking the bike to get it to go in gear. I have even Drug the bike around with another to get it to fall in gear. The bike is really in neutral so it moves. When you turn on the bike and try to start it, it is turning over just not starting. I have torn the bike apart the only things left on it are the frame, engine and electronics. I cleaned all the sensors and plugs all over the bike. I have left the battery undone overnight hoping it will reset the computer but with no luck. I have also played with every electrical connection it seems an nothing will take that reverse light out. Any Suggestions?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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