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QUOTE ("dirtyrider6104":2wqmmq9i)
yeah man thats what i did too but when i took it to the dealers down here they though that i was making it up and laughed at me and said that there is no way they are selling those bikes that cheap so needless to say they didnt get my money southernhonda did
That is because Southern Honda sells their bikes at a loss. Honda literally charges them 200-300 dollars more than what they sell them! They figure the 200 or so dollars they lose on every bike is worth it as they have SO much traffic in there they more than make up for it in the selling of accessories. your local shop will not take a loss by selling you a bike knowing you are not gonna buy enough accessories to make up for not only the under invoice price but also any profit they would like to make on the bike.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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