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canoochee trail ride

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here's a ride that has been awesome in the past if anyone is interested in coming up this way for it. There are hotels about 5 mins away or you can bring your camper or tents and camp on on site.

hope to see yall there[/img]
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Where is this?
its off the metter exit on I-16 in georgia.....bout an hour from savannah towards macon..... i think a couple guys from fla have been to it in the past
Its a pretty cool ride. We went up last year and did it.
any florida boys gonna come up for this ride?
no one coming up huh?
are helmets required?
QUOTE ("natedizzer":3keppxp7)
any florida boys gonna come up for this ride?

We would be headed that way but I have a bad rod bearing on my Brute so we are inthe process of fixing it. Wehada real good time last year.
no helmets required and coolers welcome
Wish I would have read this sooner, it sound like a good ride. Do they have it often?
they are having a relay for life ride on april on the picture and you can see that small writing
Can "Mule" type vehicles make this trail?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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