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Canaveral Groves has deep water...

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I saw some of you where saying 5A was too dry, if anyone is interested we rode at Canaveral Groves sat. night and there was plenty of water. We rode from the shooting range to the fence line, took it to the black hole, then took the woods trails back to the shooting range. There was lots of water and plenty of deep water holes. I had a blast!
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I was out there 4 am sat. morning pulling out my brother. I thought I would never get him out, that hole made them 40's look like nothing. There is nothing like that 330 wake up call that someone is stuck.
bnjeep....You gotta love the way that 3am phone call starts.. " Ummmm, hey....did I wake you up? Ummm... Are you busy ??? " AAAAGGHHHHH !!!
Yeah that is exactly what he said first, "did I wake you up!". He should know that if I am still up at 4am I am drunk off my @ss. Oh well it was fun.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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