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whooohooo thankyou
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Canada EH!

Thank you for the Canada forum
THANK YOU. There are more Canadians joining all the time. Hey i have driven in American mud and Canadian mud been stuck beyond belief in both and i cant seen to see any real difference. This forum will grow for sure.
welcome to the form oshawa atver hope to see some pics of your adventures

Are you heading to the Mudsters on the 19th??
buying a new outlander max xt if i get one by then i'll be there
Why are you moving away from Honda???
I bet the wife wants more room, so he's getting a 2up. I've got a better idea get her a bike of her own. Then you'll both have a good time.
Just put the plow on hers so she has to go out in the dark and plow the drive.
yes fellows going two up cant aford to own two bikes and noway the wifes pushing snow its to much fun lol
Now plowing snow is gotta be fun !!!!
Hey ramit98 you missed another great mudster run.
ya i seen the pics next one foresure

happy trails
How do you have a mudster run with snow on the ground?
vary carefully muddster is the fellows nic

How is everyone ?? I just joined this site a week or so ago.. Its been all goodtimes. I just bought a 07 polaris stealth 800 , 2500 lbs warn winch , and a set a awsome MudZilla's. Its a beast thats all I can say , but I m working on showin you.. I have a few pics of the first couple days I had it , and a couple Grouse I shot on my uncle's land south of Ottawa in Kemptville.. Let me know if theres any riders near me in ottawa...

Later boys and girls talk to you soon.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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