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Here are 3 pics of my 2 rebuilt axles. My ATV shop stated that they are 95 % sure that front axles are the same... So.. I just put them in and reinstalled everything. I have heard from several people on here that they in fact ARE NOT the same. So..I came home, pulled the axles again and took 3 pics. Can someone tell the difference because my ATV shop can't. DUH.....
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I always believed that if you were in over your head, and did not know what you were doing.....go to a specialist. And I always believed them.

You guys that spoke up and told me different probably saved me another $400 in axles and who knows how much on the damage to the differential. Thank you.... and thank you to Robb for having a web site that we can talk and get other opinions and help each other out!

another pic...
looks the same size as the ones around here......12 ounces, right?

lol....there is definately a difference
assuming by your comments that they where in the wrong side, but glad you got it taken care of.
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